Since 2013 Urban Nation has been creating urban art projects in Berlin, and in 2017 the Urban Nation Museum for Urban contemporary art finally opened its doors.

Work in progress on the piece 'The Distance Between Us Is Equal', from the inaugural exhibition of Urban Nation Museum in Berlin.  Photo by Yuli Gates


The pice ‘The Distance Between Us Is Equal’, named after David’s 2017 Paris show in Mathgoth Gallery was featured in the museum’s inaugural exhibition and permanent collection.

The museums creative director is Yasha Young. Urban nation is backed by Berliner Leben, a foundation of Gewobag.

To read more about the museum visit their website:

Welcome to Urban Nation

If you are in Berlin and would like to visit the museum:

Tuesday-Sunday: 10.00-18.00
Free admission.
Address: Bülowstraße 7, 10783 Berlin, Germany