Alchema / Spectra runs till July 6th. www.mathgoth.com Marlena – Spray Paint on Canvas, 90cm x 100cm.   Jessica – Spray Paint on Canvas, 120cm x 120cm.Continue Reading


David working over the course of 7 days on his latest mural in Nancy, France. This was also featured on BSA’s 06/26/15 ‘Film Friday’ http://www.brooklynstreetart.com/theblog/2015/06/26/bsa-film-friday-07-03-15/#.VZD3D_lVhBdContinue Reading


Alchema / Spectra is open until July 6th at Galerie Mathgoth www.mathgoth.com Bram, Spray Paint on Canvas, 80cm x 100cm Hannah – Spray Paint on Canvas – 100cm x 100 cm www.mathgoth.comContinue Reading


Here’re some new shots of Davids latest mural + Street Art News’s article. http://www.streetartnews.net/2015/06/david-walker-creates-giant-mural-in.html#more http://www.streetartnews.net/2015/06/david-walker-creates-giant-mural-in.html#moreContinue Reading


Davids finished piece in Nancy, France.     Video of Davids work featured on Lorraine.   Thanks to GALERIE MATHGOTH, Montana Cans (official) & Idrawalot.Continue Reading


Alchema/Spectra runs June 5th – July 6th at GALERIE MATHGOTH, Paris.   Florentina 120x150cm Spray Paint on Canvas. http://www.mathgoth.com/ http://www.artofdavidwalker.com/  Continue Reading


Here are some shots of David working on his latest street piece in France.   https://instagram.com/artofdavidwalker https://instagram.com/galerie_mathgoth/ https://instagram.com/_idrawalot/ https://instagram.com/montanacans/ https://www.facebook.com/Ville.de.Nancy?fref=photo  Continue Reading


Florentina. Spray Paint on Canvas. 150cmx150cm. Opening from June 5th –  6th July. GALERIE MATHGOTH http://www.mathgoth.com/Continue Reading


FatCaps article on Davids latest solo show ‘Alchema / Spectra’ http://www.fatcap.org/article/alchema-spectra.html Show opens June 5th at Galerie Mathgoth.Continue Reading


A nice little article from Widewalls on David and his latest show ‘Alchema / Spectra’. Article: http://www.widewalls.ch/galerie-mathgoth-presents-david-walker-alchema-spectra-paris-solo-exhibition/   Photo taken of David last week applying some finishing touches. Show opens June 5th at Galerie Mathgoth.Continue Reading