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Swapping Souls with Strangers May 10th -31st Robert Fontaine Gallery WESSAME POSE 1 Spray Paint on Canvas Unique Signed 70.8 x 35.4 inches 2014 For more information on the show and for all purchase enquirers: / For updates from David follow him on instagram. Reading


FatCap‘s article on David. Reading


‘Unknown 1’ 100 cm x 100 cm For information contact: Reading


Thanks to Flo for putting this video together!Continue Reading


A piece about C215 and street art in Vitry, France, featuring Davids work. Click here for the Video. Christian is really making beautiful things happen there. www.c215.frContinue Reading


Nice time lapse of Davids Wynwood Mural. Reading


Two new paintings for Robert Fontaine Gallery at Scope Art Fair Miami, VIP Opening tonight! Booth b25 & b26 | December 3-8 2013 Close Enough 1 & 2 180cm x 180cm (each) Spray Paint on CanvasContinue Reading


Just noticed David popping up on the Financial Times website! Reading


NEW WORK “Fiona Pose 3” by David Walker Spray paint on canvas – 120×120 cm – 2013 For more infomation please contact: Reading


The press continues to bubble around ‘The Tower Paris 13’ with this article from The Guardian. “A 10-storey building slated to be demolished has been decorated inside and out by more than 100 street artists in Paris, France. After gaining the relevant permissions, art gallery owner Mehdi Ben Cheikh invited artists from around the world to […]Continue Reading