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‘Unknown 3’ 100 cm x 100 cm For information contact: Reading


New work! these paintings really come to life when the sun hits the silver! Elsbeth Pose 1 / Silver Light Painting Spray paint on Canvas 110cm x 110cm 2013 On show Basel week, Miami Please contact: Robert Fontaine GalleryContinue Reading


David is proud to announce he is showing new work at Scope Art Fair in Miami this year with Robert Fontaine Gallery. Reading


Just noticed David popping up on the Financial Times website! Reading


The press continues to bubble around ‘The Tower Paris 13’ with this article from The Guardian. “A 10-storey building slated to be demolished has been decorated inside and out by more than 100 street artists in Paris, France. After gaining the relevant permissions, art gallery owner Mehdi Ben Cheikh invited artists from around the world to […]Continue Reading


‘The Tower Paris 13’ The Daily Mail have published an article on the event. “Street artists from across the world have transformed a derelict block in Paris into a jaw-dropping ten-storey art installation with designs covering every surface, inside and out. The tower block, which is planned to be demolished, has been set upon by 100 […]Continue Reading


The press is starting to bubble around ‘The Tower Paris 13’ featuring Davids work, opening October 1st 2013. Press:,102196.php Video interview: Reading



Anybody that missed Davids Alibi release can email direct to grab one. A few were held back in case of any postage problems, acts of god, temporary zombie takeover etc. Available Now, First come, first served.. More info on the edition here: Reading